Sunday, January 30, 2011

Base Layers in the cold.

I realized I have left out one of my most used articles of clothing in cold weather.  Several years ago I purchased a "Craft" base layer top for riding my bike.  I then purchased a second because I never wanted to ride or run without one if it is cold.  My Saturday run reminded me that I needed to mention Craft Products.  Actually, what made me think of it was I had a Craft hat until yesterday.  

When I started my run it was 32 deg. according to my car's thermometer.  For me that is perfect running weather for shorts but I like to keep my upper body warm.  I had on a craft "base layer" top (like the one pictured below,) heavy Coolmax long sleeve top and a short sleeve shirt on top.  The temperature would be above 60 by the end of my run.  I was wearing medium weight glovers and my Craft hat.  I ran hill repeats on the green trail, not where I usually run.  Like the white trail it gains about 500 feet but over about a mile.  The major difference is the green trail climbs over and back down two ridges before a final very long and steep climb.  About 2/3 of the way up the first ridge it began to warm up.  By the time I reached the top of the climb,  I had pulled off the hat, gloves and pulled down the arm warmers.  (Forgot to mention them.)

On the return trip down the final ridge, as I neared the bottom the temperature dropped dramatically so I put everything back on.  These hill relps take just over 15 minutes each (that is 15 up and 15 down), at least the first 4.  Each time up it go warmer up high and less cold at the bottom, At the top of the 3rd climb I had to stop and pull off the Craft (base layer) top.  I do not understand how something so thin can keep your body so warm, but it does.  The trouble with the top is, if it warms up like it did Saturday you have no option but to stop and take it off.  Because it is a base layer, everything on top must also come off.  In a short race like a 50K, I will only wear it if it is likely to stay cool enough that I will not need to remove it.  After 4 reps I ran back to the car and dropped off everything except the long sleeve and short sleeve shirts.  At the end of the run, 4 hours, 15 minutes later I again returned to the car to find one of my gloves laying on the ground by my car.

I picked it up and tossed it in the car and gave it no more thought.  When I came back to the car after 4 reps I ran into a trail running friend I had not seen in a while and talked to him a few minutes.  Somehow I dropped the glove and apparently, my Craft hat on the ground.  Of course, I didn't realize it was gone until I got home and started washing everything our.  I usually hand wash my gloves and hat and "special shirts" like Leadville and Wasatch.  I also wash out my hydration pack following a run. It gets a little sweaty but mostly because the vest gets sticky from the Perpetuem drink mix I carry and empty gu packs. 

This is my pool lost hat.  I will get another.  It is great on days where the temperature is freezing to about 50.  Any warmer that that and it starts to get too hot.  It is very thin and a cap will fit right over it.  A bike helmet, even my aero helmet fits over it, too.

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