Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rules for the Run for Kids Challenge, May 28th

I just posted a couple of rules for the Run for Kids Challenge Blog to be held here in Birmingham on May 28, 2011.  I know a few of you plan to run the 50K or the 12 hour run so I thought I would list them here, too.  I know the waver says no headphones allowed but I think it would be ridiculous to not allow them in the long runs.

1.  We cannot allow any type of jogging stroller or any other similar device on the course with any run participant.  If you are familiar with the trail at Veteran's park, you know they are narrow and have a couple of very short but steep hills in the woods.  The 50K and 12 hour runs will have started at 7:00am so those runners will already be on the course during the 5K.  (I am assuming no one would actually consider trying to run a 50K or 12 Hour race with a baby jogger.)  We really have no idea how many to expect for the 5K, (the last 5K for Camp SAM had over 1,000 runners) but no matter, the trail will be very crowded during the 5K.  Any type of wheeled device could be dangerous for everyone.  Obviously, we have no control over others using the trail but if anyone is out there with a stroller or on a bike during the 5K, we will ask them please stay to the side of the trail where possible and allow runners to pass without obstructing the race.  I do not expect there will be many non-runners at the park at 8:00am.

2.  Headphones.  We will not allow them to be used by 5K runners for the same reasons listed above.  The trail will be crowded and everyone will need to know what is going on around them.  50K and 12 Hour runners will be allowed to use headphones during those races however we will ask participants in the long races to remove the headphones during the 5K.

If you have any questions, please contact me.
 David Tosch

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