Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tahoe Rim Trail 100

Last weekend Marye Jo and I headed out to Tahoe so I could run the Tahoe Rim Trail 100.  This is the most beautiful race I have ever run.  The course follows the crest for about 9 miles along the east and west sides of the eastern crest of the Tahoe Rim Trail.  This section is repeated four times during the race and has absolutely spectacular views of Lake Tahoe, Marlette Lake and Washoe Lake (near Carson City.)  The trail is fine granite sand from one end to the other and was the most comfortable trail running I have found anywhere.  It was like running at Veteran's Park here in Birmingham.  (The location of the Run for Kids Challenge)  Let me modify that.  With 21,000 ft of elevation gain and almost all single-track trail, it is not quite like running at Veteran's Park.  The trail surface is just as smooth.
Just before the 5:00AM Start

This is mile 50, the Start/Finish are at Spooner Lake.

And the Finish.  You might guess I was happy to be there!

I actually finished in 33:17:07 but it took a minute to get around to taking a picture.

Below are four pictures form along the course.  First is a section along the crest of the TRT.  
You will notice I am not the only runner stopping to take pictures.

Looking back at Lake Tahoe from near Tunnel Creek aid station.

One of many snow traverses.  Some had to have steps cut into them to be able to cross.  Some like this we were able to just walk up.  The problem was, in the heat of day they became very soft and slushy.  At night, the refroze and became treacherous.  If you slipped, it would be hard to stop your slide.

The approach to Snow Valley Peak, the high point on the course at 9,214.

I was about to forget this one.

I will post more pictures from the race and the area around Tahoe as soon as I have a few minutes.

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