Friday, September 9, 2011

Run for Kids Challenge 2012 - Date Change

I really like having the Run for Kids on Memorial Day Weekend.  I selected the date originally because the race was to be held at Veteran's Park and I thought Memorial Day was appropriate.  I was very concerned about the crowds that runners would have to deal with during the day but that proved to be no problem.  Birmingham went from setting record low temperatures just over a week before the race to record high temperatures on race day.  The heat cleared the park.

By moving to Oak Mountain, even if it is hot, the park will still be crowded.  The beach area at the park is crowded all summer but especially when it is hot and Memorial Day is the single busiest day of the year .  The run would not created a problem for the park and park superintendent, Mike Jeffreys has given up approval for the run.  The problem is the crowds will interfere with the runners.  Memorial Day weekend there will be cars and people everywhere along the south side of Double Oak Lake.

We have decided to move the race to an earlier weekend in May.  I prefer May 19th. but that is the weekend the Oak Mountain Xterra Race has been held in the past.  We are trying to find someone with Xterra that knows the schedule for next year.  Tentatively, the date that looks best in May,5th.  Of course, we would have to serve Margarita's at the aid station and all runners would have to wear sombreros.

I am adding a new twist to the race this year.  I want to encourage runners to raise additional donations to Camp Smile-A-Mile by asking friends and family to sponsor them.  For example, a 50K entrant might suggest a donation of $1.00 for each kilometer run, or even per lap, (That is only $10 if they finish.)   We are putting together a package of gift certificates to area restaurants and businesses that the person that can raise the most in donations will receive.  We may also have a drawing for all runners that raise additional donations.


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