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50K to 100 Miles - Preparing for the Pinhoti 100

This is the next installment I posted back in  March of 2011.  The training log is pretty accurate and will give you a good idea of how I prepared for the Pinhoti 100.  I had run my first 50K, the Dizzy Fifties, on November 17, 2007.  A few months later I ran the Oak Mountain 50K on March 22, 2008.  By then, I had decided I wanted to run the Leadville 100 which, at the time seemed like a joke.  I knew I had to find a long  "Training Race" to figure out how to go about running 100 miles.  I started looking through websites on ultrarunning and found "Run100s" with a link to "Ultrarunning" magazine's calendar.  As I started looking for something that looked interesting I found the Katcina Mosa 100K in Utah.  For some reason I thought I could run that.

I signed up and started training like I thought I need to train.  Take a look at my May, June and July training and you will see why I could not even come close to running 100K in the Utah mountains.  I was only able to run 39 miles.  I don't remember exactly when I decided to enter the Pinhoti 100 but I think it was immediately upon returning home after the Katcina Mosa.  I knew I had a lot of work to do in three months to have any chance at finishing Pinhoti.

I pulled out my old training log and listed my workouts starting at the end of May 2008 up through the Pinhoti 100 in November.  This is not the main points or major runs, this is 100% of every run, bike and swim workout I did in that 5 month period.  You will notice, I was also training for a triathlon in July.  I did a lot of bike riding didn't I?  Now, looking back on my training for Pinhoti I am really amazed I was able to finish.

The times shown in red are my long runs. The bold type indicates races.

2008Training Log


May 31Oak Mtn-Trail run – loop
04:4022.5 mi
Jun 16Run – Houston, Tx – flat
03:2025 miles
Jun 20Lookout Mtn -Stage Race- (One stage only)
03:4022 miles
Jun 22Run – Oak Mtn – 4 Hill Reps - Green Trail

Jun 25Swim – Oak Mtn
57 min

Jun 28Run – Oak Mtn – 6 hill reps - Green Trail

Jul 02Swim – Oak Mtn

Jul 04Peavine Falls Run
01:048.2 miles
Jul 04Bike 2 laps Oak Mtn after the Peavine Falls Run

36 mi
Jul 10Swim – Oak Mtn

900 yds
Jul 13Chattanooga Waterfront Tri
Jul 17Run – Oak Mtn – Red
02:3014 mi
Jul 19Run Oak Mtn– Red+3 hill reps - Green Trial
02:5916 mi
Jul 23Run Oak Mtn–2 hill reps - Red Trail
Tornado Run8.4 mi ***
Jul 26Run Oak Mtn– hill rep

Aug 02Katcina Mosa
13.5 hours39.5 mi
Aug 06Run Oak Mtn– +2.5 hill reps - Red Trail

Aug 09Run Oak Mtn– Loop

Aug 12Run Oak Mtn
2 hrs

Aug 16Run Oak Mtn – Night Run

Aug 19- Aug 25 - Short Runs

Aug29-Sept9 Telluride  Colorado– 8 days

Sep 02Ran up Tomboy Road

Sep 03Hike up Ajax Peak from Bridal Vail Falls  3 hrs.

Sep 06Imogene Pass Run- Telluride, Colorado
03:4817 miles 8 Weeks Out
Sep 08Ran Bear Creek to Wasatch Trail
2 hrs

Sep 13Training Run for Pinhoti – I20-Cheaha
05:3525 miles 7 Weeks Out
Sep 16Run-from Home 2 Laps 3,000 ft climb
02:0513.36 miles
Sep 18Run-from Home 1 Laps 1,500 ft climb
01:117.5 mi
Sep 20Training Run - Pinhoti–Adams Gap-Cheaha-back
05:30Night back 6 Weeks Out
Sep 23Run-from Home 1 Laps 1,500 ft climb
01:157.5 mi
Sep 25Run-from Home 1 Laps 1,500 ft climb

Sep 27Run Oak Mtn
2 hrs

Oct 04Stump Jump 50K- Chattanooga
06:4850K 5 Weeks Out
Oct 07Run Veteran's Park

Oct 09Run Veteran's Park

Oct 12Oak Mtn-Trail run – loop
07:1830+ miles 4 Weeks Out
Oct 14Run Veteran's Park
1 hr

Oct 16Run Veteran's Park
2 hrs

Oct 19Oak Mtn-Trail run – loop
3.5 hr
 3 Weeks Out
Oct 21Run Veteran's Park
1 hr

Oct 23Run Veteran's Park
1.5 hr

Oct 26Run Oak Mtn
2 hrs
 2 Weeks Out
Oct 28Run Veteran's Park
2 hrs

Oct 30Run Veteran's Park
1.2 hr

Oct 31- Aug 2 - Helped with Florida Ironman

 1 Week Out
Nov 05Run Veteran's Park
1 hr

Nov 08Pinhoti 100
29 hr100 mi

*** The run on July 23rd was the run I decided to do because there was a line of severe thunderstorms headed directly toward Oak Mountain State Park and I thought it would be fun to run in the storm.  I planned to run up the red trail for a few hill repeats because it comes up between two ridge-lines until it finally reaches the crest of one of the ridges at 2.25 miles (since lightning hits the ridges, usually.)  The crest of the ridge was my turn around point.  The thunder was getting closer as I reached the ridge and started back down.  By the time I had descended about half a mile the bottom dropped out and lightning began hitting the ridges all around me.  The trail turned to a river and I could no longer tell where I was stepping.  I was a little concerned about running in ankle deep water with all that lightning so after about another 3/4 of a mile I stopped at trail head with a 3X6 cover over a park map.  As I stood there the wind picked up dramatically and stuff started raining down out of the trees.  I was very concerned that one of several  large pines by the sign might fall so I stood where I could keep an eye on them.  After about 30 seconds the wind increased in velocity even more and began to shift around to my right.  Over  another 30 or so seconds the wind shifted by about 120 deg. and continued blow harder.  Now large limbs and  pieces of trees were coming down all around me.  Instead of staying under the small shelter I took off deciding I preferred being a moving target which was a really dumb decision.  Now I was running out in the open, still running in ankle deep water, limbs were still raining down and I was still about 3/4 of a mile from the car.  About the time I decided I should go beck, the wind began to subside and the lightning seemed to be moving off.  I made it back to the car and within a minute or two the downpour tuned to a steady rain and the thunder was definitely moving away.  So I headed up for a second hill repeat.  Now I saw the damage from the storm.  Eight or ten large trees were down along the trail, including one laying across the trail.  It was an exciting run!  Since I get caught in bad weather pretty often anyway,  in the future I will leave running in storms to chance.

I would absolutely not advise to try to run 100 miles following a training schedule like this.  It is not even adequate for a 50 mile race.  Next, I will post my training log from July and the Tahoe Rim Train 100 until December and the Lookout Mountain 50 mile race.

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