Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rocky Raccoon 100 - My pictures

I ran into Brian Hulbert, with Fleet Feet here in Birmingham, on Friday and a couple of other guys out to look at the course.  We all took pictures in front of the park sign at the entrance.

Below is the Dog Wood Aid Station and the Start/Finish line as it is being set up on Friday.

And a shot of the lake and lodge were Package Pick Up and the Pre Race Meeting was held.

 And here comes the winner of the 100 mile race.  Oops, that's the winner of the Kids One Mile. 

 Race Director Joe  Prusaiti, brown shirt, at the meeting and Henry Hobbs, I think, in the gray.

There was quite a crowd at the meeting.  The run actually crossed the dam, in the background at about 11 miles into each lap.

 Waiting for the start. 

Once the rain eased off I got the camera out.

Below is a shot of a section of Park Road heading for the Dam Nation aid station. 

Seems to be a little water on the lens.

Dam Nation and the Drop Bags.  (mile 6.2 and 12.2 of each lap)  This is the 6.2 side.

The Park Road Aid Station after dark at mile15.6 of each loop.

The Nature Center aid station,  3.1 miles into each loop.  This couple ran the aid station all night and they were always ready to help any way they could.

27 hours, 27 minutes and 04 seconds after the start.  Then I had to drive 80 miles back to Houston.  I knew I would have trouble staying awake so I solved that problem by eating.  I stopped at WhatABurger and got a double meat cheese burger, fries and a chocolate shake, and a large coffee.  Then I ate three Tums!

Next, I will go into a few new things I tried during the race that really worked well.


  1. Thanks for sharing this David. Gives a local slug like me a look into where the elites go. Excellent choice on the Whataburger!! I need to practice that recovery phase! Now, I need to go read your race report. You are a great blogger (and a good friend too!!)

    1. Al, Thank you very much but don't give me that "slug" garbage. How many people have run more marathons than you? I know of two that may have run as many. They are 1) John Bozung of Orem, Utah who holds the worlds record for running at least one marathon per month for the last 188 consecutive months and 2) Larry Macon of San Antonio, TX (who ran the Run for Kids Challenge last year)who tries to break his own record for the most marathons run in a year, every year. And then there is the matter of "How many times have you run at least 100 miles???"

      There were some real elites at the race though. The guy that won came by me huffing and puffing like he was running a all-out mile. I could not believe how hard he was going. He ran every lap like that. Hal Koerner ran a 13:24:52 and he beat Karl Meltzer by almost an hour 14:17:42. The nice thing about the RR with 5 laps and several out/back sections you could actually keep track of the leaders and see how fast they are actually going.