Friday, April 13, 2012

Update on Run for Kids Challenge

Package Pickup and Late Registration.

Package Pickup will be Friday Afternoon, May 4th at the Cedar pavilion at Oak Mountain State Park, from 4:00 PM until 6:30 PM.  If no one is using the Dogwood Pavilion we will use it. Late registration will also be open Friday.   I will send an email to registered runners before the race that can be printed and will allow you to enter the park (Friday afternoon only) without charge.  Saturday, the park admission fee is $ 3.00 pre person.  If you are coming out to register, tell the park attendant you are there to register for the race and they will probably let you in without charge.  Preregister to be sure.  

Also, the shirt order will go in on Wednesday of next week.  If you want a shirt, register in the next four days.  As I have mentioned before, I will not order extra shirts so only preregistered runners will get shirts.

Attached are aerial shots of the Dogwood Pavilion and the Cedar Pavilion.  The Cedar will be the race start and finish location and the aid station.

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