Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wasatch, the first 53 miles.

Here are pictures of the first 50 miles of Wasatch.  Most of these pictures were taken by Matt Galland during the spring and summer of 2008 and 2009.  They are posted on the Wasatch 100 site.  The pictures with the date stamp "4/11/10" are mine.  I think I need to set the date on the camera since the race was Sept 10 & 11.

Just a few minutes before the start at East Mountain Wilderness Park, Kaysville, Utah.

About 3/4 of the way up the climb to Chinscraper.
Below is my picture from somewhere over the ridge line in the picture above.
Coming up under Chinscraper.
 Conditions during the race were a little different than the picture above on the  approached.

The final climb up Chinscraper.

 My picture looking back down Chinscraper.

Along the trail heading for Thurston Peak.

And this is what that trail looked like on September 10 th.

The Francis Peak radar dome which I never saw even thought the trail passes within a few 100 feet of it.
The dome is visible from the SLC Airport.  If you look out of the windows facing the Wasatch range to the west, then follow the ridge-line to the northwest on a clear day you will see it.

A little of the road near the dome.

  This is the flat section called Skyline, I just don't remember exactly where it was.  I think it might be a few miles past Bountiful B AS.

Somewhere along miles of ridges headed for Big Mountain.

Looking South to the mountains above Park City and Alta.

And more ridges.

I think this is the Shallow Rocks Aid Station.

Past Big Mountain Aid Station headed for Alexander Springs.  This is the lake near I80 just a couple of miles below Lamb's Canyon Aid station.

Headed down to Alexander Springs aid station.  That is I 80 in the distance.

The grassy section we ran on for several miles.

Location of Alexander Springs AS.  That is I80 down there again, and the Lamb's Canyon Aid Station is located just this side of the highway at the right side of the picture.  This is were I felt like we were almost at Lamb's although I knew it was still 5 miles away.

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