Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Run for Kids Challenge 2012

We have already started planning next years Run for Kids Challenge and have decided to make a few changes. First, we plan to move the race venue to Oak Mountain State Park. This is a beautiful 10,000 acre park located about 5 miles from the Veteran's Park location we used last year. Veteran's Park was great and everyone enjoyed the course (although not the heat) but the park is very expensive to rent.  We will still have the 12 Hour Challenge and the 50K Run just as we did last year.  

We will add a 50K relay and allow teams of any size from 4 to 9 runners. Our goal is to try to create more involvement from local businesses and organizations by encouraging them to sponsor their own teams. We also hope individuals will form teams with friends and family members. I plan to create a link where runners can find others interested in joining a team. The distance per lap will be just over 3 miles, almost the same as last year, a 5K.

The new course will be about 85% in the woods and circles Oak Mountains Lake (the swimming and canoeing lake). The course will pass along the beach area where, if you are hot, just hop in the water to cool down. The course has gentle rolling hills but no steep climbs like the wooded section on last years course. I have not checked the elevation gain per lap but it is probably very similar to Veteran's Park.

The new web page for the 2012 Run for Kids Challenge Is up and running, at least a couple of pages.  It does have a map of the new course at Oak Mountain State Park. 

Here are a few pictures of Oak Mountain Lake and the course.

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