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You Know You Are an Ultrarunner If:

I borrowed part of this from Kevin Sayers UltRUnR website.  Several years ago I added it to my family website, with a bunch of personal additions.  Kevin notes the source of the list is "a bunch of different authors.

 You Know You Are an Ultra Trail Runner if:

1.You return form your standard run with dirt in your mouth and nose. -Yes, frequently
2.You occasionally stop by the emergency room on the way home form your standard run. - Yes
3.You only record hours in your training log.  Miles are irrelevant. - Absolutely
4.You have mastered the skill of moving rocks and sticks around in your shoes while running so you do not
          have to stop to remove them until the end of the run - Yes
5.You did not fall on your standard run.  If you did, you would be dead. - Yes (only in some places)
6.You take a new pair of running shoes out for a test run and the shoes look old when you return. - Yes
7.You don't need a trail map on your runs.  If you get lost you have enough stuff in your pack to survive for
           several days. - Yes
6.You head out to your favorite run route because you are under and severe thunderstorm warning or
          Tornado warning. - Yes, and I had the thrill of enjoying both.
7.You wonder why they don't make all running socks a dusty brown color.  - Yes
8.Your idea of a fun date is a 30-mile training run.  - Yes, frequently
9.You can expound on the virtues of eating salt. Yes
10.      Your ideal way to celebrate your birthday is to run at least your age in miles with some fellow crazies.
          Yes - but now I have to wait until my next 100 miler.  60+ miles is too far for a training run.
11.You run marathons for speed work.  - Yes, occasionally, however they are  usually to short to fit in
            my training schedule so I run 50K instead.
12.You run 50K runs for speed work. - Yesabsolutely.
13.You have more fanny packs, water bottles, gaiters and flashlights than Amelia Marcos has shoes. - Yes,
            and that is not much of an exaggeration! 
14.People at work think you're in a whole lot better shape than you think you are.  - Yes
15.You actually are in a whole lot better shape than you think you are.  - Yes
16.Your weekend runs are limited by how much time you have, not by how far you can run.  - Yes
17.You think of pavement as a necessary evil that connects trails.  - YesI only other time I run on
            pavement is during triathlons.
18.You really envied Tom Hanks' long run as Forest Gump.  - Yes and if I had time I would enter the 
            Race Across America.
19.You carry money around in a Zip lock bag because store clerks complain that your money's too sweaty.
             - Yes, at least I carry some cash with me when I run and it is in Zip Lock baggies. 
20.Your entire life is organized in Zip-lock baggies. - Yes - Yes - Yes
21.You put more miles on your feet than on your rental car over the weekend. - Absolutely
22.You start planning the family vacation around races, and vice-versa.  - Yes (Imogene Pass Run, 3 times,
            Ironman events, Leadville, Wasatch, Tahoe, Cascade Crest in August and many more)
23.Your races end in a different area code and pass through several different Zip codes enroute - Yes, and 
            most pass through several counties.  One I plan to run next year ends in a different state.
24.You don't finish on the same day as the winner. Yes
25.Your wife asks you the morning after your 50 k if you're still planning on that 100 miler in five weeks, and
            you say "Sure!"  - Yes, after all, that was just a training run.
26.People praise you to the high heavens for being able to finish a marathon, and you feel insulted. 
            - Absolutely
27.You're running a marathon and at mile 20 say to yourself, "Wow, only 6 more miles left, this is such a
            great training run!"  - Yes
28.You go for an easy 2 hour run in the middle of a Hurricane and think it is fun to get wet, muddy and run 
            through the rivers that were once trails. 
"Oh yeah! that was July 21, 2008, except it was a tornado not a hurricane".
29.No one believes you when you say "never again".  - Yes 
(Actually, I only say that to myself about 3/4 through all very long race.  By time I finish I 
                      am planning the next 50 or 100 miler)
30.You number your running shoes to distinguish old from new, since they all look dirty.  - Yes and 
            different colors helps, too)
31.Everything in your life, everything, is organized in different sized zip-loc bags. Oh yeah!  I already 
            mentioned that!  - Yes
32.You think a 100-mile race is easier than a 50 miler because you don't have to go out as fast. 
At first I didn't think this was true, but after running two 50 milers it is true at least for me.
                      100 miles certainly takes a lot more planning,and training.
33.A girl changes her tank and her bra in front of you at an aid station and all you do is take another drink of 
            water, look at your watch, and tell your pacer "Let's hit the trail." 
Actually, I have never had that happen.  But when you notice a woman runner off the side
                      of the trail behind a tree, you politely do not look!  Besides, I have never run with a pacer.
34.You've started a race in the dark, run all day, and finished in the dark (if your lucky). - Yes, but not a 
                      100 miler.  I start in the dark, run all night and finish in the daylight the next day.
35.You are falling asleep on your feet during the early morning hours on the second day of a 100 miler and
             lay down (anywhere) and it feels so comfortable. 
Not yet.  I don't get sleepy during the night while running.
36.6 am is sleeping in. - Yes, absolutely
37.You can recite the protein grams by heart of each energy bar and drink mix, and the sodium content.
             No, but I do read the labels.
38.Someone asks you how long your training run is going to be and you answer "seven or eight ... hours".
            Yes, of course.  I have no idea how many miles I run.
39.Someone asks how long your next race is.  When you tell them, they ask how many days is the race. 
            When you say "you don't stop" then they look at you like you have lost your mind.- Yes
40.When you meet an attractive member of the opposite sex on a run, you see a potential 
            entrant in the Run for Kids Challenge. - 
            Yes, I actually carry a couple of entry forms in my pocket  (in a zip-lock baggie)
                when I run.  If I meet a girl on trail, I tell them about the race and give them an
               entry form.  Oh yeah, I give them to guys too.
50.       The park police try to arrest you during your 7 hour (night) training run at the local state
             park because they think your are spotlighting deer.  After all, why else would anyone be
            out on trails in the woods at 11:00 PM, miles from anywhere.
            Yes and I even had a back country pass.
51.        You get to the 80 mile point of a 100 miler and say to yourself, "Wow, only 20 miles 
             left to go!"  - Yes, at mile 80 I know I have it made.
52.       You know your an ultrarunner when you actually sit down and read all of the postings 
            about, "You know your an ultrarunner when..." and can laugh and relate to all of the 
            comments.    (Or post them on a blog.)

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