Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Building a new section of Green Trail at Oak Mountain State Park

 A progress report

The largest state park in Alabama is Oak Mountain State Park with almost 10,000 Acres and over 50 miles of "Official" Trails. The old Peavine Falls Trail, the Green Trail, leading from Terrace Drive near the Treetop Nature Center over the west ridge of Double Oak Mountain and down to Peavine Falls is in bad shape. The trail was built many years ago and the first mile of the trail, up to the Red Bike Road, the fire road, runs almost straight up the mountain. The lower half of the Green Trail is in pretty good condition but the steep final climb up to the fire road, about 300 to 400 yards is badly eroded and very difficult to hike or run.

Over the last few weeks Steve Cloues and I have scouted a new route up the mountain to replace the section that is in such bad condition. Three weeks ago I marked and cleared the proposed route. Friday and Saturday, June 26 and 27, I completed the first half of the trail from where the new trail leaves the existing Green Trail over to where the new section of trail crosses the Jekyll and Hyde bike trail. Here is the report I have created.

Trail Work Report on the New Section of the Green Trail
June 26 and 27, 2015
The new section of Green Trail is now usable starting from where it cuts off the existing Green Trail over to where it crosses Jekyll and Hyde Bike Trail. The steep sections of traverse coming down off the ridge are narrow and my need additional widening. Below, the section of trail that is completed is marked in Transparent Green over the Red Line indication the new trail route. The section approaching the Red Fire Road (marked in red only) is yet to be completed.

The following pictures were posted on Instagram as I cleared the path and created trails Friday and Saturday. I will try to get back up this week and use the weed-eater to clear out some of the dense undergrowth on the trail down from the Red Fire Road. We are tentatively planning a BUTS work party on July 11 to try to finish this section.

Green Trail along the ridge near the beginning of the new section.

The steep section coming down off the ridge.

The two images above of the narrow section along the traverse off the ridge.

Where the new section of Green Trail crossed Jekyll and Hyde Bike Trail.


  1. Well, I just tried to comment and I don't know if it worked so I will try again. Thanks for doing all this work. I just started training for my first ultra (the Oak Mtn 50k in 2016) and I happened upon your blog. I am totally new to running on trails. I have run a few road races here and there but have never really trained much. I am thinking about joining BUTS and trying out some other trail runs around here before the 50k next year. Maybe I can join you guys at the next work party.

  2. Bonnie, Right now I don't think there are any trail work parties scheduled but I usually work at Oak Mtn on trails with Steve Cloues on Fridays. You would be welcome to join us. I would suggest coming out to our next race, Ridge 2 Ridge on Sept 5 and working as a volunteer. You will learn a lot about how it all works. We have a 50K and 25K on November 21th. You have plenty of time to get ready for the 25K. Here is a link to our website with a list of all our races: http://www.southeasterntrailruns.com/Index.html

  3. Thanks David. I actually ran into Steve last Friday on the blue trail and asked him if he might be you. I said I had just discovered this blog. He said he knew you and that you'd been working on the green trail.

  4. As soon as I can get with Steve and get his approval on the new section of Green Trail we will need to get it marked and reclaim the old green trail which is a major job. We also have to move the kiosk on the Red Bike Road to the new Green Trail. Watch the Southeastern Trails FB page ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/Southeastern-Trail-Runs/122465331135883 ) and the BUTS FB page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/553798421304556/ )

  5. Awesome post and pics - I love trails. I love biking and running - but I don't think I'll ever be more than a couple of mile guy - too busy with other things. Here's a great free motivational video on changing one's perceptions:

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  6. David, I will come out and volunteer at Ridge 2 Ridge - how do I do that?